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These Bold Hats Change the World, One Mom at a Time!

Updated: Apr 12

Mom Hat

Introducing our latest line of merchandise: the "One Mom At A Time" Collection! At the core of this new range is the witty "One Mom at a Time" slogan, using the playful double entendre to draw attention to the serious issue of supporting at-risk mothers.

Each hat sold directly raises money for the Preggo Organization for Women (POW), a non-profit dedicated to supporting at-risk mothers across Florida, Mexico, Colombia, and beyond. POW provides vital resources such as food, diapers, and community support, ensuring that every mother and her child has the chance to thrive. The "One Mom at a Time" campaign cleverly uses humor and fashion to draw attention to this cause, proving that making a difference can be as simple as choosing the right accessory.

Why It Matters

The "One Mom at a Time" hats do more than fundraise; they're instrumental in raising awareness about the need to support mothers in our community. Wearing one sparks conversations about maternal support and the challenges many mothers face, bringing visibility to an often-overlooked issue.

Join Us

We invite you to be a part of this incredible journey. By purchasing a "One Mom at a Time" hat, you're not just making a fashion statement—you're joining a community of supporters dedicated to uplifting at-risk mothers. Let's spread the word, one hat, and one mom at a time.

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