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Prenatal Yoga Class
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Preggo Dance® is a class that offers gentle and fun dance-based exercises exclusively for pregnant women. It’s specifically designed to improve the lives of pregnant mothers and their babies  (0-4 months old) by connecting them with a positive and a healthy fitness.

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  • Increases blood circulation in the body and promotes overall health and well-being.

  • Helps in increasing the oxygen supply to the organs.

  • Beautiful way to bond and fall in love with your unborn baby.

  • Reducing backaches, constipation, bloading and swelling

  • Helps to reduce pelvic congestion and cramping.

  • Preventing or treatment of gestational diabetes (diabetes in pregnancy)

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  • Improving mood

  • Improving posture

  • Helps prevent leg cramps and varicosities, which occur due to congestion of blood in the lower extremities.

  • Promoting muscle tone, strength, endurance and prepares the body for childbirth.

  • Improving sleep and healthy habits

  • Facilitates the speedy recovery of organ tone and placement after delivery.


The most important is to be active avoiding high-impact exercise, get your blood flowing and feel good about yourself.


Safety is key!

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Laura Pareja
Preggo Dance® Mom

Participated in a preggo dance class when I just had my newborn baby; it was at that moment when I made the connection with her through sweet movements creating a perfect harmony for the two. Preggo Dance was the best thing that happened to me for my physical and mental health. Now I have the opportunity to be part of the Preggo Dance Team.

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Carine Michel
Preggo Dance® Mom

Best place ever, best teacher ever Dilma. I miss this moment. Remember laughing, dancing, that was the best preggo dance ever. Forever grateful.


Yani Figueroa
Preggo Dance® Mom

When I started PreggoDance I was on my first trimester and what I love the most is the energy Dilma bring to every class. Before we start she always make sure you are feeling well, she reminds you to hydrate during the class and makes sure you are going at your own pace. I recommend PreggoDance to any pregnant woman to keep you healthy and moving while having fun.


Carolina Kaskie
Preggo Dance® Mom

I would absolutely recommend these classes for expectant mothers. I think they are very doable whether you have previous workout experience or not. I feel they are helping me to keep my body in much better shape during my pregnancy, prepare me for labor/delivery and for a quicker recovery.

Charlotte Matarrita

Preggo Dance® Mom

While I know every pregnancy is different and every body reacts different during pregnancy, I know without a doubt that I stayed healthy for me and this baby. I decided this time around to use Pregnancy as a REASON and not an EXCUSE and I am SO glad that I did.


Annabelle Yarivuahc

Preggo Dance® Mom

I really like the workouts. They are short and sweet, but you actually feel like you worked out and pull a sweat. I would recommend Preggo Dance® to other expecting moms because it keeps you moving and gets that blood flowing and in shape.

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